Led by the unknown, dare I say, his life as it’s shown is familiar yet reimagined. 

With an unbeatable appetite to establish and master a state-of-the-art photography style of his own, Ludovic steeps himself deep in the practice of both old and new worlds. Through an independent journey of exploring the art of visual narrative and concept, he unearths this free-spirited approach to photography. He doesn’t limit himself to modern-world techniques, having learned that from years of holding a camera with intuition and ardor. Instead, he bridges the knowledge together gained from ancestral art traditions with an adept understanding of harmony to create striking images, not just taking pictures.

He is an avid thinker, awaken and inspired by the wisdom of Hermetic philosophy, artistic thematics and the otherworldly tracks walked by the unseen. His work also weaves the scientific disciplines and universal natural aesthetic together, following his inspiration as well as the divine proportion, which brings forth this eye-pleasing quality and gives his work a splash of sensual strength and uniqueness.

Photography agrees with his larger-than-life philosophy. Therefore, his work depicts a path less traveled by. The compassion in his eyes reflects a sharp thinking guided by spiritual impulse and a sense of sacred.